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Sandmine crushing plants used in construction waste recycling

According to the gross statistics, 500~600 tons construction waste will be produced from the construction work per ten thousand square meters; furthermore, 7000~12000 tons construction waste will be produced by the demolition of the old construction per ten thousand square meters. According to the incomplete statistics, the demolition of the old construction during urban and rural construction will produce the construction waste up to 0.2 billion tons.

The main components of the construction waste include: soil, muck, scrap steel, iron wire and kinds of scrap parts, metal pipe, scrap material, waste wood, wood flour, wood shavings, the package box and package bags for kinds of decoration material, the scattered mortar and concrete, brickbat and broken concrete blocks, scattered yellow sand, stone and rock block produced during carrying process, these materials occupy 80% of the total construction waste.

Sandmine crushing plants are widely used in construction waste recycling, through crushing and screening construction waste, aggregate can be produced for replacing natural sand. Combined with cement produced by the enterprise itself, part of the aggregate can be used as deep process raw material for producing sand syrup, cement admixture, wall panel and component parts, etc, the rest part of aggregate can be used as commercial aggregate, which will be sold to concrete mixing plant, mixed mortar station and road foundation backfilling, etc. the powder and soil out of air sifting can be provided for producing bricks in construction material factory ,and also can be used as garden soil .


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