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Air Slide Conveyor

Air Slide Conveyor

Air slide is a pneumatic conveying equipment to convey dry and powder material widely. Usually it is used to convey cement and raw material powder. Because of no driving part, the air slide conveyor has the characteristics of easy maintenance, good sealing, light noise, safe and dependable operation, low power consumption. It can turn 90, easily for change direction in feeding, and feed at multiple points and discharge in multiple points. Main part of air slide is ventilated layer. This product is used PET-6 (Terylene) synthetic fiber which is a new ventilated type. It can resistant high temperature (up to 150℃), abrasion resistance, low moisture, light weight, plain surface and long life etc.


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Note: The production is based on open-circuit condition when bulk density of feeding is 1.6t/ m3. It is also relative to physics character,type of feeding, input size and composition etc. Sandmine machinery reserves all rights to change data without notice.

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