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How to Reduce the Dust Problem in the Discharge of Sand Making Machine

 Effective sand machine is an excellent crushing equipment, not only has its own advantages, but also has a wide range of applications. But no matter what kind of mining machinery is not perfect, but as long as we know how to solve the problem, the sand machine manufacturer has a good idea about this.Next, the sand machine manufacturer equipment will take us to know how to reduce the problem of excessive dust when the sand making machine discharges.

1.In order to reduce the excessive dust in the process of discharging , we must do some preventive measures in actual production. For example, when the material is dry, it often sprinkles water at the inlet and outlet. Secondly, it can also be equipped with dust-proof equipment such as bag filter or paste bag.

How to Reduce the Dust Problem in the Discharge of Sand Making Machine

2.Attention should be paid to the sealing environment of the sand machine. Sometimes, improper handling during maintenance will lead to cracks in the fuselage. In this way, air and material may enter the closed crushing chamber together, and it is very likely to float into the air during crushing operation. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the sand machine has good sealing function, which can greatly reduce dust pollution.

3.Bag dust collector is a intermittent way of dust removal. When it is in normal operation, we must pay attention to the phenomenon of air leakage of the grid wheel. Once the equipment of sand making machine crushes too much material, it will inevitably produce enormous pressure on the effect of dust removal. Therefore, we must carry out the production of sand and gravel according to the situation on the spot.

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